Equipment variants We make every type of profile.

Coated, self-adhesive, flocked ... Special equipment allows us to adapt profiles to virtually any application or installation situation. Which kind of profile do you need?

  • Adhesive tape

    Profiles equipped with adhesive tape are characterised by good adhesion to a variety of different surfaces.
    Foam adhesive tapes compensate for tolerance fluctuations and tensions in the adhesive gap. Self-adhesive tapes help to simplify the assembly process for the sealing profile.

    Adhesive tape
  • Butyl

    Butyl sealants are used for seals that do not have to transmit mechanical forces. Their surface tackiness means that they can also be used as a temporary fixing aid.

  • Sliding lacquer / coating

    High abrasion resistance of the rubber profiles is achieved by applying sliding lacquer (smooth, textured or decorative). In addition to a visually appealing surface, the coating also serves to prevent freezing and friction noises from the profiles. For easier installation, a sliding polymer can be applied.

    Bonded coating
  • Flocking

    Flocked profiles are classically used for all types of window guides. They are very hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant. Coloured variants can be supplied by means of flocking tapes.

  • EMC foil

    With the help of an electrically conductive self-adhesive foil, a sealing profile can be given a low-resistance finish.

    EMC foil
  • Threads

    Expansion threads prevent the profile from becoming elongated during assembly, especially with soft materials.