Mission statement We put our values into practice.

Corporate responsibility – respect and responsible interaction – are an integral part of our business model. We are committed to complying with all existing laws, regulations, ordinances and our voluntary commitments (IMS & Code of Conduct).

Ethical action

We act ethically and sustainably and assume our responsibility towards employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment.

We agree high standards with suppliers - we are committed to transparent and corruption-free business processes and to meeting quality, energy, social and environmental standards.


Change for growth

We see change and transformation as an opportunity. The basis of our future growth lies in flexibility and in our innovation in technology, processes and energy efficiency.


Support for employees

We are committed to our employees, we promote training, initiative and further education and strengthen the entrepreneurial, responsible behaviour of each individual.

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Sustainable interaction

We trust our employees, delegate responsibility, promote team spirit and attach great importance to a continuous improvement process at all levels of the company. Honesty, fairness, integrity, but also the courage to change, teamwork and a high level of commitment define the “how” of working together.


Learning from mistakes

We analyse mistakes and weaknesses openly and self-critically in order to avoid and prevent them permanently.

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Transparency in all areas

We handle occupational health and safety, health, environmental and energy issues as systematically and transparently as we do quality, productivity and cost efficiency, and provide the resources needed for all areas.


Open communication

We are a globally active, owner-managed company and promote open and cooperative communication and collaboration between all departments and branches and with our customers and suppliers, the authorities and the public.

Lawful, moral conduct and fair competition are essential aspects of all our activities.

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